• Ableton Intro > Learn the basics and start making tracks with Ableton

Summary: Start making music with Ableton now! Our 4 week hands on Ableton intro course is the perfect way to get  started with Ableton Live. We want you to walk away from this short course with the ability to make your own track from scratch. Familiarise yourself with Abletons interface and learn how to load and use some of Abletons instruments. Learn basic drum programming using the drum rack, program & play bass and synth lines using the Analog synth, learn how to record and edit midi, learn how to sync loops using abletons warp feature and finally apply  effects, mix, master and export your track.

Duration: 4 weeks One 2hr class per week

Class time: 2 Hours 

Week 1: Software intro > Devices & set up > Session & Arrangement View > Recording Audio & Midi

Week 2: Start composing your track > Drum Rack intro > Basic drum programming > Bass & melody with Analog Synth  

Week 3: Warping Intro > adding warped loop to your track > Arranging your track in session and arrangement view

Week 4: Effects > Mixing > Mastering > Song Export


  • Sampling Intro > Learn how to chop vinyl and build a track using samples

Summary: This course teaches how to make full tracks using samples from Vinyl records. Lean how to record, edit, chop, time stretch and pitch the samples inside Ableton using the Simpler sampler. Build full tracks around the samples by adding drums and synths with Abletons drum rack and analog synth. This Fun 4 week course will have you addicted to sampling and digging through your local charity shop for oddball vinyl releases.

Duration: 4 weeks One 2hr class per week

Class time: 2 Hours

Week 1: A history & examples of sampling > Gear set up > Recording Vinyl into ableton > Loading samples to Simpler 

Week 2: Simpler modes> Classic Mode > One Shot Mode > Slice Mode > Set up Analog Synth

Week 3: Start building a track by using a sample loop > add drums using drum rack > add bass
& melody using the analog synth

Week 4: Add Effects > Mixing > Mastering > Song Export